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Lucy looking lovely

side Lucy

Ben at 5 years 1995

Ben at 5 yrs (2)

Cilla aged 9

side Cilla 2

Breed Record Holder 2009 - 2014

side Swann Cash


side Tap 85

Harry on walk

side Harry

Gloria gets her CC

side Gloria

Kristen at Home

Kristen at Home


side Max

Young Sparkey

Sparkey 3

Selina 2005

side  2005 2

The Lancashire Heeler Club Rescue


The Lancashire Heeler Club Rescue
Registered with The Kennel Club
Listed in the Kennel Club Rescue Directory 

 The Lancashire Heeler Club has a Rescue Fund specifically for the rescuing and rehoming of Lancashire Heelers and is funded by voluntary donations, raffles and fund raising events.

Similarly there is a Lancashire Heeler Health Fund, funded in the same manner for the health of The Lancashire Heeler


Can you give  a rescue dog a good home? 
please contact Enid on 01772 322064

Rescue News   20th April, 2017 

We have an older dog coing into Rescue
can you give him a good home?

contact Mrs Lord - tel: 01772 322064



Oliver has gone to a good home in the
North West, he was vet checked by
our Rescue, we wish him well
in his new home.




Billy pictured in his
new home

 Billy (4)


Bliss is now in her new home

Molly 4yrs Rescue

and so is Molly below

A Rescue Bitch


Max has been found a lovely home with two Heelers


Max 5


We have a 9 year old male Lancashire Heeler
coming into Rescue

Harry has been successfully rehomed with a loving family

Rescue Dog



 Rescue page 2

Can you rescue a dog?  Have you got the time and love to give? Help make a difference.


The Lancashire Heeler Club Breed Rescue programme .

Dogs need re-homing for a variety of reasons, often where owners can no longer look after them due to moving into sheltered accommodation or due to illness. The unique temperaments of these dogs means we have to place rescued dogs with people who are suitable.  We have experienced breeders who assess each dog who comes into rescue and our aim is to place each dog in an appropriate home and help the dog to adjust to his new environment, this takes time and patience, our aim is to help each individual dog to find a lovely new home..

We are always looking for 'good' people to take and make a new home for these unfortunate lovely dogs, if you think you can help please call Enid Lord direct on 01772 322064

For latest details of Lancashire Heelers in rescue telephone Enid Lord direct on  01772 322064

Over it's 20 year history The Lancashire Heeler Club rescue has had numerous success stories in rehoming Lancashire Heelers throughout the country and will go on to do so in the years to come.

Lancashire Heeler Club Rescue Centre

Rescue Centre   Rescue Centre 2

 The drainage, ground surface and fencing work have been completed.
Work is ongoing refurbishing the Kennel.

                        The Lancashire Heeler Club Rescue

We are launching an appeal for Donations in regards to work being carried out at our Rescue Centre.  Due to recent years of constant rain we find the kennel area needs drainage installing, and the top surface in the runs needs replacing.

We hope you can help. Donations please to: LHC Secretary Mrs A Bancroft, 13 Limewood Close, Accrington. Lancs. BB5 6UL Tel: 01254 398771 or any Committee Member

"Could I on behalf of the LHC thank everyone who has donated so far towards the work that was needed to the rescue runs.  Every bit helps so no matter how much or little you can give we are very grateful.

I have bought some Croft panelling and a gate for rescue to use, this gives me two gates so I do not have to take them through the other section.  Also we have to get the fencing up, Brian Green has offered to do this, I think I am the labourer but if anyone else is fit and has some free time please do call !!

We also have been offered help to buy the rest of the fencing.

We urgently need 7 ft posts ideally not too wide prefer metal as we have to get through the hardcore to fix these anyone any ideas?

As ever we are in debt to David and Carol Eagle, not only did they donate £238 towards the micro chipping course and equipment, including the scanner, but gave another £200 towards the rescue work.

To finish on a good note for all those at the AGM the 2 old dogs (11 & 12) in kennels, who last week we were told we could not take out because SS have been paying the bill, are now to be released, a new home has been found, & they are to stay together, which is wonderful news, they have been in kennels since December, we will do a vet check and hopefully by this weekend they can be on their way to live in the Northants area."   Enid


Can you give  a rescue dog a good home? please contact Enid on 01772 322064
 Two Bitches 11 & 12 year old. Need a Home, They  have    always been together   Owner in Home please contact Enid  Happy ending, The  bitches have found a good home together  


Rescue David Eagles & Charlie

This is Mr David Eagle, a Lancashire Heeler Club member, with his
rescue dog Charlie. Mr & Mrs Eagle have been involved with the
LHC Rescue over many years
(looks like bedtime for Charlie)


A Rescue Bitch

We have found a lovely home for Molly with 4 acres to play in,
we wish her a happy new life 




The Lancashire Heeler Club Rescue is in not connected or
affiliated to any other Rescue, Welfare Fund 
or Organisation





Golden Oldies

In these side panels are pics of dogs who are no longer shown, hope you enjoy seeing these oldies.

side Prince

Heskey by Hannie

Foxthyme Heskey 3

Taffy on his chair

Taffy on his chair

Sammy at home

Side Sammy

Breed Record Holder 2014

Ch Doddsline Daffodil at Welshmoor

Liver & Tan bitch

side Tammy

Pip about 1990

side Pip

Champion Oliver

side Oliver

Having a rest

side Hotpot

Lord at Show

Lord at Show

Tracy looking smart

Golden Oldies 10

Gladys having a look

side Gladys

Duke at Show

side Duke