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Lucy looking lovely

side Lucy

Ben at 5 years 1995

Ben at 5 yrs (2)

Cilla aged 9

side Cilla 2

Breed Record Holder 2009 - 2014

side Swann Cash


side Tap 85

Harry on walk

side Harry

Gloria gets her CC

side Gloria

Kristen at Home

Kristen at Home


side Max

Young Sparkey

Sparkey 3

Selina 2005

side  2005 2

National Championship Shows 2020



List of Championship Shows Nationwide

who hold Lancashire Heeler Classes offering C C's

2 0 2 1

  Crufts................................re-arranged date to

  Thursday 15th July, to Sunday 18th July, 2021   Heeler day 18th
  Judge:  Mr K Baldwin
  NEC                     HAS BEEN CANCELLED 26th March, 2021



  PASTORAL DATES        * Denotes CC's for Lancashire Heeler Classes

  Sunday 27th June, Southern Counties

  Sunday 4th July, Windsor *  CANCELLED  29/3/21

  Sunday 11th July, East of England  *

  Saturday 17th July, NW & PB  *

  Sunday 25th July, Leeds  *

  Tuesday 3rd August, Bath *

  Monday 9th August, Paignton  *

  Monday 16th August, Bournemouth 

  Blackpool Championship Dog Show,   
Sunday 22nd August, *                            
  Judge: Mrs M Sargent 

  The Breed Classes will be followed by the re-arranged Lancashire
  Heeler Club 2020 postponed Championship Show: 
  Judge Mr B Allison  *                            


  Thursday 26th August, Driffield  *

  Friday 10th September, Richmond  *

  Friday 17th September, Darlington  *

  Friday 24th September, Birmingham National  *

  Saturday 2nd October, Scottish Kennel Club (including the
  cancelled May, 2021 Show)  *

  Tuesday 5th October, Border Union

  Thursday 7th October, W & PBA Wales

  Friday 8th October, South Wales  *

  Sunday 24th October, The Lancashire Heeler Club Championship
  Show.  Judge Mr T Mather   *

  Thursday 28th October, Midland Counties

  Saturday 6th November, W & PBA Scotland

  Sunday 12th December Ladies Kennel Association  *








Golden Oldies

In these side panels are pics of dogs who are no longer shown, hope you enjoy seeing these oldies.

side Prince

Heskey by Hannie

Foxthyme Heskey 3

Taffy on his chair

Taffy on his chair

Sammy at home

Side Sammy

Breed Record Holder 2014

Ch Doddsline Daffodil at Welshmoor

Liver & Tan bitch

side Tammy

Pip about 1990

side Pip

Champion Oliver

side Oliver

Having a rest

side Hotpot

Lord at Show

Lord at Show

Tracy looking smart

Golden Oldies 10

Gladys having a look

side Gladys

Duke at Show

side Duke